Thursday , October 1 2020

Scrap Mechanic

The Most Amazing Videogame for PC ever seen: Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is much more than a game. It is a community. The concept is brand new, with a combination of excellent graphics and personalized scenarios on a sandbox type game. It is now in the development phase, but it is anticipated it will be a blast.

Why the Developers chose to let Real-Life players into the game before it is released

The anticipated entrance to Scrap Mechanic is just one more way to get feedback from real users. As it is developed, the game developers are shaping an exciting gameplay. It is not exactly like anything you have seen before, and the creative factor is its most appealing characteristic.

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Building your World

Creating your world is the marketing flag of Scrap Mechanic. So far, the game has a powerful engine to deal with lighting, textures and the object library to build your world. The graphics are appealing and compared to previous releases, they have improved significantly. New objects in the library make it possible to create better places.

The Anticipated Plot

The gameplay promises to let you make your personal adventure. It is like life in a way, where your choices draw the path to continue playing.

However, until now, building your world is all Scrap Mechanic has to offer. Early testers are getting impatient. They fill SM blogs with requests to give them a plot. They want something to fight for so that the game becomes really entertaining.

What can you do now in Scrap Mechanic?

For now, you can build your world. It has a creative mode to let you try some of the tools of the game. The world to play is still small. You can play with something more than just Lego-like pieces. There are motors and pistons to build moving things.

To teach you how to create things inside the game, they have released the Mechanics Handbook. It is a sort of manual on how to build things in Scrap Mechanic. It will guide you through the process of creating the game’s rules. You can mimic real objects or create brand new objects coming from your imagination. It is up to you what you want to create.

Besides cities, you can build cars, jets, planes, helicopters, tanks, and any vehicle you can possibly imagine. The vehicles are fully functional, and you can make them fly or run, depending on the design. For example, there is a flying DeLorean model (like the one in the Back to the Future movie) built in Scrap Mechanic. That is the perfect example of how you can integrate the pieces to create a fully functional object to fly or roll.

Another useful feature already released is the multiplayer mode of Scrap Mechanic. If you have other friends who are fond of building, it can be entertaining. The game is meant to collaborate with them. However, it can be very amusing to spoil your friend’s gadgets instead.

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What to Expect from the Release

The real version is projected to have much more tools and ambiances than the pre-test you can play online. You should have a bigger building space, plus more tools and most of all campaigns. The objective given by campaigns is the main missing ingredient on this pre-release.

When the actual full game is finally released, we can expect constant updates. Players nowadays devour games quickly. They need constant change to keep them engaged for the longest time. Scrap Mechanic will be no exception to that rule.

The pre-release has given developers enough time to practice and get used to constant updates.


The game is promising, but the pre-release was too soon, or the development too slow. We know that the objective of Scrap Mechanic developers has been to get real-time feedback from real life users. The sole building mode, for now, is not engaging at all. It needs the challenge to keep users on the game.

If the developers keep on spending too much time with the looks of the game, they might lose the audience that they have already engaged. If they are lost, there is no guarantee they can take them back later.