Tuesday , October 25 2016

Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox game in a fully loaded creative machine world. The possibilities are endless for a mechanic with an creative mind. In the Scrap Mechanic game you can choose between more than one hundred parts and build anything you like to build. If you can imagine it, you can build it! Team up with your friends or start a competition with them. You like adventures, you will like Scrap Mechanic. Don’t wait any longer and start playing Scrap Mechanic.

You can explore and collect parts all over the open fantasyland. Now you can start building with your collected parts and build everything you like. Vehicles, shelters and massive machines will help you survive in the Scrap world. Watch out for robots and other players! They will steal your scrappy stuff.

Let’s start!

When scrap mechanic is completely new for you, you have to learn the basics. The creators of the sandbox game wrote a handbook to help you out when you start gaming. The handbook contains all the things you need to know to be a professional mechanic. Download here the handbook for free.

Basic scrap mechanic tools

A mechanic needs his tools to build wonderful things. In the game you have some basic tools. These tools you will need to make it all possible. The connect tool is one of the basic tools and helps you connect interactive parts together. The sledge hammer will let you push loose items and the lift tool is handy for all movable constructions. On our Basic Tools page you can find all the basic tools.

Newest Scrap Mechanic tools

The game developers are busy with making new tools that will fit into the scrap mechanic game. On the YouTube channel of Axolot Games you will find the introductions of all new tools. Be patient and subscribe to the Axolot channel on youtube and you will be first who knows about all the new handy tools.

Famous YouTubers

Scrap mechanic is getting popular in a very short time and is picked up by some big youtube gamers. When you search scrap mechanic on youtube you will find many videos of those players. The list of videos and vloggers is growing every day. Take a look at youtube and watch and learn from the professionals. You will find many tutorials and all kind of extreme creations. When you like a video give the creator a thumbs up!


Follow the scrap mechanic blog on the official website www.scrapmechanic.com. The devblog is the news channel for all mechanic out there. The developers present here the newest tools and features of the game. Take a look at there blog and keep up gaming.

Play in your language

Scrap mechanic works hard to make it possible to play it in you own language. In the past it was only possible to play the game in English. Scrap mechanic added a few right now: French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. You language is still nog listed? Ask them to translate it in your own langauge.

Challenge your Friends

Who is building the highest lift, shoot objects for the longest distance or builds the fastest super space rocket. Challenge all your friends in the creative mode of Scrap Mechanic. Looking for some new friends to play with? Join our forum and start a topic. Please share all your battles with us and we will give you all the Scrap Mechanic fame!

Male or female

We don’t see this often, a choice between male or female character. We think this is a fantastic feature in the game and we love to see that many women play the game to. Keep it rollin girls! .. or boys. 😉

Where to buy Scrap Mechanic

On the official SM website can you buy the game for only $19,99. We think the price is really low for this fantastic game. So wait no longer and go to www.scrapmechanic.com and buy!

Scrap mechanic live

On the website of Twitch you can follow a few streamers and see how they build amazing things. This is an amazing way to learn the game and understand the difficult parts. You not only learn with twitch, it’s also fun to watch other gamers on the internet. Maybe you are allready a pro scrap mechanic and like start your own gaming stream? This is possible! Start to day and share your link with us.

What to do?

You are playing for some time now and asking your self how to go further? Join our forum! We are happy to help you with all your questions. Even if you are a pro in Scrap Mechanic you can join the club. Show us your creations and share your tutorials with us. Together we can make the game even bigger. Join now!

Soon more..
Very soon we will add more information, tutorials and a forum to our website. Please be patient and come back to our website in a few days. Meanwhile we are looking for some talented writers for tutorials and other articles. If you are interested please contact us.

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  1. i love the scrapmechanic is the best game for the build the big car or little car i love the scrapmechanic ^^

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